Gold Coast Motocross Club

Cnr of Stanmore and Sandy Creek Rds

Cnr of Stanmore and Sandy Creek Rds


Club Specs

Length: 1.3 to 1.4 km

Length: 1.3 to 1.4 km

Operating Hours:

Every Thursday: 9am - 3pm

Open Saturdays: 9am - 3.30pm

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Motocross Community Has a Voice

Picture this a vibrant hub of adrenaline, nestled on a hill of a rural area where families, friends and spectators come together at the track to socialise, compete, witness and learn the sport of Motocross, the only track between Maclean NSW and Gold Coast QLD a distance of 188km or 2hrs 14 minutes drive.

This was Reedy Creek Motocross track many years ago, until the residential growth converged on the area, brining with it complaints from the purchasers of these residential properties about the track and sport
Result the closure of this track, the loss of a venue for the athletes and those wanting to learn the sport, a venue which to this day lays dormant. The volunteers of Reedy Creek Motocross - Gold Coast Motocross Club are ones not to give up. With the passion for the sport and the competitors in their minds they investigated ways in which to have another track made available for the competitors, enthusiasts and spectactors alike.
These incredible volunteers spent countless hours, time, research and discussions with the Gold Coast City Council that saw the Stanmore motocross track become the home base for the club, ensuring this track was not also closed.
Spending thousands of hours of their own time to structure and maintain the track, building the exposure of the track and support, encouraging and supporting the riders of motocross to utilise the track which in turn ensures that for the distance of over 235kms between the nearest NSW motocross track and the now Gold Coast Motocross Club track there is a venue for riders to practice.
In the initial stages only practice and coaching has been allowed on the track to ensure the track is available while literally years of meeting and passing criteria tests set by the council in order to secure a lease on the land to progress to competition stages has passed.
It is during this time that the motocross community has continued to support and assisted the club to meet and pass these tests.
From senior athletes(riders) both competitive and enthusiast coming on senior noise testing days ensuring that track past the noise test criteria and was then opened to both Juniors and Seniors practicing to the families bringing their junior riders to either practice or to be coached by Chris Urqhart.
Gold Coast Motocross Club is open three Saturdays per month for practice, coaching and practice every Thursday. Bonus... everyone has the opportunity to hire the track for their own personal practice sessions!
The journey for the Gold Coast Motocross Club has not finished yet, more exciting news to come shortly.
I have to wonder that maybe this how the world of motocross can have a voice, which can collectively become much louder then the one or two residential complaints. The more support for these volunteers and clubs receive from the athletes, spectators and small businesses of the motocross industry... perhaps the more the councils will start to listen to the motocross community, the athletes (riders), the spectators and the small businesses of the motocross industry.
Massive Thanks to the Volunteers of Gold Coast Motocross for all the years, time and hard work which you have dedicated to ensuring a safe and controlled environment is available to the athletes of the sport on the Gold Coast.


Further Information about the Gold Coast Motocross Club can be found on their website :


Author: Kathrine Whitney : Smoking Wheels Photography

Full Steam Ahead


We have FULL SUPPORT from Councillor Donna Gates!!

She is VERY HAPPY with what has been achieved by the club and we will be BACK

in FULL OPERATION in September!!!!!

The committee thanks YOU ALL for your support and patience in recent times.. STAY TUNED!!!

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